How can I delete my account?

Before deleting your Meditation Moments Premium account, any ongoing subscriptions should be canceled first.

If you purchased your Meditation Moments Premium subscription via iOS please cancel it in the App store:

App Store (iOS/Apple)

Follow the steps below to cancel your subscription.

  1. Open 'Settings' on your phone 
  2. Click on your name 
  3. Click on 'Subscriptions'.
  4. Select the subscription 'Meditation Moments'. 
  5. Click on 'Cancel subscription. Your subscription will remain active until the end of the billing period. 


Did you purchase your Meditation Moments Premium membership on our website? You can follow these steps for the cancellation:

  1. Go to your Meditation Moments account. (
  2. Log in with the email address you used when you signed up for Meditation Moments Premium.
  3. Click on "membership" and cancel your subscription.

You will still have full access to your Meditation Moments Premium until the end of your billing period; it will not be renewed after. 

Final step: delete your account

If you are sure that you want to permanently delete your account, you can submit a request for us to do so. Send an email to from the email address where your Meditation Moments account is registered and we will remove your account from our system.

** Please note that deleting your account is permanent, we cannot recover it. If you wish to use the Meditation Moments App again in the future (we look forward to welcoming you again), you may create a new account.**

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