Why do I cry during a meditation?

Tears are words the heart cannot say

Tears are a wonderful tool to clean and express your emotions, emotions you cannot translate into words. You are even releasing toxins out of your body; it is a beautiful powerful tool to clean your body. 

During meditation, you turn inwards, towards your heart, your inner voice. When you first start meditating, especially when you are amidst a stressful period or just had a very stressful period, the power of silence can be overwhelming. But it is in the silence, you will hear answers, you are able to find the truth. You can compare this with a ball (your emotions) which you are trying to push under the water. You will succeed for a period of time, but at one moment, that ball will find its way to the surface. Finally released, free! That is what can happen if you start meditating. You free yourself from unreleased, often hidden emotions. 

What you can do in the beginning is to start with short meditations. In this way, you are slowly releasing the pressure of that ball, so it will not be launched at once. You can start to build up a morning or evening routine, meditating for 5 up 7 minutes before you get out of bed or go to sleep. In the beginning, you might notice no difference, but after a certain period of time (this differs for each person) you will notice that your body, mind, and soul are more aligned. You may experience less stressful feelings, less anxiety, anger, sadness, maybe even less tension in the body, and a calmer mind. 

You can vary the guided meditations with music, for example, with Binaural Beats and Sound Healing.

We wish you wonderful Meditation Moments!

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