Why do I yawn or fall asleep when I meditate?

Do you yawn, maybe even a lot, when you meditate? Maybe you fall asleep while you meditate? And do you feel embarrassed by doing that? No need to! 

It is normal to yawn, even a lot. It means you are relaxing your jaws. And also, your body is in need of more oxygen to relax and restore the body and mind in a proper way. Even falling asleep during meditating is not uncommon. Of course, it is better to stay awake, in the so-called Theta wave (activating your subconscious mind), but when you fall asleep, it is a sign that your body, mind, and soul were looking for some (good) rest. Just let it happen, surrender to it, be in that moment.

The more you meditate, the less you will yawn and fall asleep, because your body, mind, and soul are in a more relaxed state in general.

We wish you wonderful Meditation Moments!

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