How can I turn on or turn off the notifications?

You can manually modify the notifications that you receive within the Meditation Moments app. It is easy, and you can adjust these settings at any time. 

To switch notifications on or off, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the tab 'Profile' and click on 'Settings' (in the upper right corner)
  • Click on 'Notifications'
  • Select the notification you wish to turn on or turn off.
  • Click on the dot, it slides to the right when you turn it on and to the left when you turn it off. 
    If you click for example on 'Daily meditation reminder' you can adjust the time manually if you turn on the notification.

  • The notification has now been switched on or off. 

  • Repeat these steps for all the notifications.

In case you have turned on the notifications but you do not receive them, please turn on your push notifications on your device.

In case you have turned off the notifications but you still receive them, please turn off the push notifications for Meditation Moments on your device.

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