Can I listen to the music non-stop?

Yes, you can listen non-stop to music on your phone or tablet. There are several options for non-stop playing music. You can also choose to play the music just for a certain period of time. 


  • Repeat: the next song will be played automatically, for the same length of time
  • Repeat 1: the same song will be played again

  • Shuffle: Next song will be played automatically, but in a random order


  • By clicking on the moon-icon - so-called 'sleep timer' - you have the option to choose for how long the music will be playing. In this case, the music does not play non-stop. 
  • The clock: With this option, you can choose for how long you would like the music to play. The music stops when the time is up. 

** Music does not count for your streak anymore. The meditations cannot be played non-stop. **

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