I have a Meditation Moments Premium membership - how do I access all of the content?

If you have a Meditation Moments Premium subscription, but you can only access the free content in the Meditation Moments App, something is not right. 

You can solve this by following these steps: 

  • To activate your Premium subscription, please shut down the app completely and restart it.
  • Have you logged on with the correct email address? You can check this out following the next steps: 
  1. Tap the  Profile (1) icon at the bottom right (left picture).
  2. Tap the Settings (2) icon at the top right (left picture).
  3. The email address you are logged on with is shown below (3, right picture).
    If this email address is incorrect you can log out and log in again with the correct email address. 

If it is not resolved after this, please, send an email to  service@meditationmoments.com. Or send us a message from within the app:  
  • Tap the Profile icon on the bottom right.
  • Then tap 'contact, bugs & suggestions'.
  • Tap 'I need assistance' and describe the problem
  • Click on 'Send'
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